Rockingham Community Garden


Unnaro Street Rockingham

Open: Tuesdays from 10am and Saturdays 10am – 2pm

Annual Membership: Single $5, Couple $8, Family $12′

Membership Responsibilities: Would ideally include a commitment to the garden in the farm of your attendance to help at a couple of baby bees each year, along with your input at meetings would be appreciated but not essential.

RCCG is also excited to welcome new members who would like to lease a plot to grow their own produce.

Leasing a plot:
2.5m x 2.5m – $70
2.5m x 1.2m $40
2m x 1m $30

Membership Benefits: The right to have a vite and hold a committee position. Plot lease rights with access to be confirmed and the use of garden tools and equipment available.

Our Vision: To encourage a welcoming and helpful atmosphere for everyone at the garden with the view to sharing knowledge if needed, produce when abudant and community feels all the time. There is a playground right there and a toilet on site. We are hoping to create fund raisers to cover running costs in the farm of activities and workshops during the nicer weather and would love everyone’s participation from planning to execution. Lots of fun in the sun so come along and check us out. Costs nothing to look!

Contact: Phil – 0430 773 886 or Lorraine – 0418 977 414
Location: Behind Hillman Hall

Sponsorship – The Rockingham City Community Garden

The Rockingham City Community Garden is seeking sponsorship to enable us to offer garden beds to those who want to rent or just want to socialize with like minded people. Sponsorship can take many forms.

  • Cash to be used for soil and equipment
  • Physical help where if you have a program where staff donate their time to a not for profit group.
  • We currently have 6 beds available 
  • We also have a disability group who are loving being able to grow food and then learn to cook it.
  • We have just had an enquiry to bring a group of aged people but will need to build a few new beds and 2 that a wheelchair can get too. (To build new beds we need railway sleepers or the equivalent, and people with the skills to make it happen).
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