Inspired Art Therapy & Wellness

Local Rockingham artist, Jody works with many art mediums, and ebb and flow between them. Inspired by her surroundings, experiences and community, discover a range of acrylic abstract painting, painting culture and symbolism, resin and much more!

Visit the Rockingham Visitor Centre to view some of Jody’s quality artistic resin boards like no other! Level up your charcuterie with one of the uniquely and beautifully handcrafted resin art cheeseboards.

Jody offers a variety of art classes – From Acrylic & Watercolour abstract, weaving with natural and sustainable fibres, clay (Raku Clay, hand building & Coiling), Felting (Nuno, 2D & 3D), Printmaking (Lithography, stencilling & lino printing), Mixed Media, Sustainability, Resin, Mosaic’s, wire sculptures and more. All classes will cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced skills.

Foundational knowledge, skills & techniques will be offered with every class and art mediums and artists will be supported in developing their skills and creative expression.

Looking for more?

Jody offers a range of art therapy and wellness activities:

Art Therapy: The sessions are a journey together. The client is always invited and considered as the leader in their healing journey. The therapist/healer is there to support, walk alongside and guide them on their path.

Art therapy modalities;

  • Movement Therapy – the somatic release of bodies’ cellular memory of trauma, bringing the body, mind, soul and spirit into wellness.
  • Nature Therapy – being in, grounding in, breathing in, listening in, living in and living sustainably to nurture the body, mind, soul and spirit into wellness.
  • Art Therapy – The third language. Where the paint tells the story that your words cannot. The guided experience allows the subconscious to speak and the body to release. I like to provide my clients with a medium to large canvas or paper, to allow for full release and voice.
  • Ritual healing – A variety of soul sista healing including sound therapy, restorative yoga, Qi-gong, breathing techniques, meditative practice and more.
  • Sand Tray Therapy – A powerful non-intrusive, deeply resonating therapy to assist in the healing process.

Retreats – Women’s Holistic Wellbeing Retreats: Immersed in Nature, Vegetarian Nutritional Food, Creative modalities, art creation and therapy or art-making focused, ritual invitation and community offered full of love and acceptance.

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