The Rockingham Charity Gala

The Rockingham Charity Gala is a fundraising event created to support worthy causes that have impact in the local South Metropolitan Community, supporting our family members, friends, associates and even business owners through circumstances that can present to all of us at any time.

A group of local business people came up with the concept to create “Partnerships with Purpose” with the intention of delivering fundraising events through collaboration with the end results being much greater than the contributions of individuals.  Its about creating awareness for worthy charities and organisations that are doing so much with so little, that every cent raised is being spent with purpose and intention to provide better outcomes across the entire community.

Profits from the proceeds of this inaugural event will go towards some amazing worthy causes that have helped thousands of families in our local community and we want to say, ‘Thankyou’ through our collective fundraising, so they can go on and help even more!

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