Rock The Boat Film Festival Gala Awards Night

The inaugural year of Rock The Boat Film Festival will conclude with a black-tie, red-carpet celebratory event for finalists and category winners. Ticket sales are open to the public, to participants, and to family and friends.

Upon arrival, our official photographer will capture you entering on the red carpet, and you will receive a complimentary sparkling wine or orange juice. There will be a photo booth in the foyer, canapes served in the main hall, and screens showing shortlisted projects, before guests will be seated for the first speech of the evening.

Throughout the night, the short films and documentaries of category finalists will be showcased on the big screen, and awards will be presented to winners and commendable participants. Until 9pm, savoury then dessert canapes will be served to attendees, and for the entire evening, the cash bar for various beverages will be open.

This event is a time to acknowledge and celebrate all who have partaken in this historic event for our community, and for the future of this festival.

Tickets HERE. Ticket sales close Friday 28 October 2022 at 12pm.

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