Life Unfurling by Nic Compton

Exhibition dates: Wednesday 21 June to Sunday 16 July 2023. Opening times: 10am – 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Nic’s inspiration for his works are drawn from experiences in walking and canoeing in natural environments, both in Australia and Aotearoa. These artworks are Nic’s interpretation and creation, which are influenced by carving traditions. In these works you can see the ‘koru’ or unfurled shoot of a fern, a strong Maori carving symbol, blended with organic shapes from the sea and land created using recycled timber from Western Australian trees, with several carved from the heart wood of an old growth Jarrah tree that was removed from Sawyers Valley.  They are made using chain saws, chisels, drills, and sanding tools which are used to cut, shape, create soft and hard edges, as well as negative and positive spaces. Nic amis to honour the materials and do justice to the once-living trees.

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