In Conversation with Annette Stanton

“We are ALL born leaders, and intuitively we need to trust that.”

ANNETTE STANTON is Internationally Renowned Author, Speaker, and Master Vision Coach. Being on the leading edge as one of the foremost intuitive visionary leaders, she is a powerful force for transformational change. Annette is the best-selling author of The Power of Vision and the originator of The Universal Principles of Infinite Power and has successfully coached thousands of people worldwide to live with purpose and realise their inspirational vision.

As a natural born leader who often overachieves and excels in most things she turns her hands too, Annette experienced a eureka moment at the age of 40; her calling to reignite and unlock the hidden secrets to create a more fulfilling and purposeful life and career.
As a world masters champion sportswoman, master vision coach, bestselling author, international speaker, well sought after executive, business and personal coach, Annette’s success comes from coaching leaders in peak performance, life visioning, fitness, mindset and wellbeing, humanistic behaviour, and transformational leadership.
Annette’s life’s work reveals the source of some of the most powerful transformational learnings that have contributed to her own personal, business and leadership success. Accelerate your business and personal growth, find your higher purpose, activate your full potential to be the leader of your whole life.

Ticket includes a glass of wine.

Time: 6.30PM

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