Everyday Alchemy by Natalie Blom and Lunch Bars by Brett Leigh Dicks

Joint exhibition dates: Wednesday 24 May to Sunday 18 June 2023. Opening times: 10am – 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Everyday Alchemy by Natalie Blom: The title of the show plays on the idea of alchemy, the transmutation of elements. Like alchemy, the film soak method used by the artist is largely experimental and perhaps also hints at the mystical.

Lunch Bars by Brett Leigh Dicks: Typically tucked away in the city’s suburban, industrial, and commercial areas, lunch bars have been sustaining the workforce with an array of no-frills fast food since the 1950s. For the past two years Brett Leigh Dicks has been tracking down examples of this quirky and vibrant slice of Western Australia.

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