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The Most Scenic Spots in Rockingham

by Rachel Yeo

When it comes to sights to see in Rockingham, you’re spoilt for choice.

Whether it’s finding places to snap a few photos this weekend or go for a stroll with the kids, you can’t go past these picturesque spots located throughout the City of Rockingham.

Rockingham Foreshore

It’s no secret that Rockingham is best known for its shady, grassed foreshores and beautiful clean beaches, of which you can cool off at. The revitalised Rockingham Foreshore features a new-look boardwalk leading to the pristine white sands of Rockingham Beach and the famed dining strip.

In its neighbouring parks are many picnic tables, benches and free electric BBQ facilities all ready for you to enjoy. Plus, with excellent kids playgrounds, it’s the perfect spot for your next fun family day out!

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Comprised of Penguin Island and Seal Island, this superb stretch of coastline is a haven for a vast number of birds and marine life. Visit and learn about the Penguin Island’s famous little penguins, with the island’s Discovery Centre conducting penguin feeding sessions multiple times a day.

Aside from being home to incredible wildlife, there are networks of boardwalks that allow you to explore Penguin Island. It’s also the perfect place for different activities such as swimming, snorkelling, diving and picnicking. (Please note: Penguin Island is closed during the winter months to ensure the penguins are not disturbed during their nesting time.)

On the other hand, Seal Island is a ‘haul out’ zone for male sea lions where they bask in the sun and recharge after swimming hundreds of kilometres from breeding islands. While access to the island is not permitted, there are wildlife tours (such as those from Perth Wildlife Encounters) which allow you to see the sea lions.

Point Peron

Situated at the southern end of Cockburn Sound, Point Peron – also affectionately known as Cape Peron by locals – is by far one of the best natural attractions in Rockingham. As many would tell you, you can never go wrong with a peaceful walk along its shores or variety of walking paths.

With so much beautiful scenery and the gorgeous coastline to take in, you can never tire of visiting Point Peron – especially with its iconic lookout point. Not only is it a unique snorkelling and diving location, but it is also a prime spot to catch some breathtaking sunset views!

Lake Richmond

Lake Richmond is a 40-hectare freshwater lake – home to endangered Thrombolites, rock-like structures built by micro-organisms also known as ‘living rocks’. The lake has an abundance of birdlife, with over 100 different species being recorded around its banks – with everything from ducks and herons to ibis and bush birds. As well as that, the lake is also home to a number of reptiles and approximately 5 species of frogs. For nature lovers, the fun is in spotting native flora and fauna and the lake’s local inhabitants!

For more information on Rockingham in general, don’t hesitate to visit the Rockingham Visitor Centre or phone (08) 9592 3464.

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