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Rockingham’s Dog-Friendly Beaches and Parks

There are countless cool things to do in Rockingham – and of course, that means plenty of fun for you and your beloved pooch!

Be it a dog play date at a designated dog park, a walk along the beautiful shoreline or letting your dog roam free, we’ve rounded up the best places for you and your dog to visit.

Dog-Friendly Beaches

Within the City of Rockingham, you’ll find ten dog-friendly beaches scattered along the stretch of the Indian Ocean coastline for you and your furry friend to enjoy. Find these dog-friendly beach areas below:

  • Rockingham – Weld Street
  • Cape Peron – Between Hymus Street & Boundary Road
  • Shoalwater – Between McLarty Road & Mersey Point
  • Safety Bay – Bent Street & Donald Drive
  • Waikiki – Shelton Street        
  • Warnbro – Between St Malo Cove & Capella Pass 
  • Port Kennedy – Bayeux Ave 
  • Secret Harbour – Siracusa Court      
  • Golden Bay – Crystaluna Drive         
  • Singleton – Bight Reefs Road

While these beaches are off-leash areas, it is important to ensure you clean up after your dog and ensure your dog is under effective control at all times. Please note that the City of Rockingham also does not permit dogs on kids playgrounds, car parks or other areas used for sporting or other activities.

Dog-Friendly Parks

There are two unique enclosed dog parks in the City of Rockingham – built especially for your dog to socialise with other dogs and stimulate their senses. Within each dog park, there are two different spaces – one for small dogs and one for all dogs. Not only is your dog encouraged to interact with other dogs, but there are also a variety of activity zones for them to play in.

Rockingham Enclosed Dog Park

The Rockingham enclosed off-leash dog exercise area is located on the south western portion of Bayview Reserve, Bay View Street, Rockingham. For many dog owners, visiting this place with their dog is simply part of their daily routine.

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

Another great place to take your dog is the new Baldivis enclosed dog space, which occupies a part of Acrasia Road Reserve known as Barri Barri Park.

Both dog parks also include facilities such as:

  • Dog drinking fountains
  • Seating
  • A 1.8m high boundary fence with a 1.5m solid, internal dividing fence

For the best place to get advice on visiting Rockingham, please get in touch with the Rockingham Visitor Centre on (08) 9592 3464.

St Clair Reserve Enclosed Dog Park

The City’s latest enclosed dog park on the corner of Chelmsford Avenue and Warnbro Sound in Port Kennedy.

Like our other enclosed dog parks, there are separate areas for all dogs and small dogs, sheltered seating areas and water fountains. Paved walkways, a variety of pet play areas and overflow parking service this new addition the City’s dedicated pet recreation areas. 

Seahaven Enclosed Dog Park

Situated on the corner of Chalmers Avenue and Charthouse Road in Waikiki. 

The park includes two separate spaces – one for small dogs and one for all dogs. There is a number of interactive elements within each area to provide stimulation and challenges for the dogs, some of these include “King of the Castle” where the dogs can jump up a series of platforms and vie for the top spot. Another is called “Tunnel Hideout” where a series of pipes allow dogs to play a game of hide-and-seek with their owners. All dogs love sand so there is a sand pile for dogs to play in, and of course a large expanses of grass for the dogs to stretch their legs off leash in a safe environment.

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