Steel Tree Walk

Check out the spectacular steel tree while taking this pleasant safe walk through residential and parkland areas. The Steel Tree Walk is a great walk. You might find parking at Settlers Hill Village Centre to begin your walk. Heading south along Arpenteur Drive, turn left into Tranby Drive for a slight hill workout. When at the roundabout take care crossing over to proceed right, down Brennon Promenade taking in the picturesque view of the park and the spectacular steel tree. At the end of the park turn left into Grice Crescent and then right into Wise Meander, follow this until you reach Kendall Boulevard where you’ll turn left. Walk along Kendall Boulevard until you reach Tranby Drive turning right. Follow Tranby Drive to the end where you’ll come across a park to walk through. Take the path to the right which will lead you around the east side of the lake. Follow this path to the north of the lake and park, joining you back to the Vernon Gough Drive. Walk along Vernon Gough Drive footpath past Irving Fairway, follow the path around Delaporte Turn, a quick right into Coldicott Terrace and left to the roundabout into Arpenteur Drive. There’s another slight hill to finish!
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