Lark Hill Nature Trails

A great family and/or nature enthusiasts walk. The Nature Trail begins at the passive area between the Rugby League/Union and Hockey/Softball Complexes. At the end of the passive area you will find the entrance sign to the trails. With a choice of various routes, choose your own trail adventure. Venture to the boardwalks for amazing viewing of nature such as the over 600-year old grass trees. The attached platforms will highlight other special features for interest. Make time to stop and read the nature signage along the trails that highlight and explain the flora and fauna of the area. The wetland is a Federally recognised Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) containing Melaleuca rhaphiophylla and Xanthorrhoea pressie over storey with Ficinia nodosa, Lepidosperma gladiatum under storey. If you reach the Homestead at the top of the hill you will be able to take in the full view of the Lark Hill Sports Complex, part of the horse training track and a birds-eye view of the nature trails.
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